Noisy People Podcast #8: Wendy Reid", interview by Tim Perkis, June 23, 2015,
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        SFChronicle Interview -2-18-2014

        "Meet Lulu: Parrot Musician and Muse" interview  by Jesse Hamlin, San Francisco Chronicle, 18 February 2014       

       East Bay Express article

       "Minding the Frontier of New Music",  by Whitney Phaneuf, East Bay Express, 26 February 2014


     San Francisco Bay Guardian article  

        "Synthesizers, saxophones, and one African grey parrot: The Other Minds music festival is a magnet           
               for the avant-garde", Interview by Micah Dubreuil, San Francisco Bay Guardian, 26 February 2014]

        "Lounging with Lulu" (Voodoo Riffs), Interview with Micah Dubreil, 9 June 2014      

     Other Minds 19 festival pre-concert talk with Charles Amirkhanian and composers, San Francisco Jazz Center, 3-1-2014                                                          
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New Music Buff (3-6-2014)
"This is not unlike Pauline Oliveros' work that involves careful listening by musicians within defined parameters"
"Lulu ... a whimsical experience.."

pan tour
Sound Choice #13, winter 1990 - Fred Lomberg-Holm:
"..Reid's sharp ear for timbre and pace..sounds like Feldman, Messiaen and Malcolm Goldstein accompanying the bizarre chirps of a Pacific Parrotlet"
(Tree Pieces LP/CD review)

East Bay Express review (1990) - Sarah Cahill
"..a fascinating interplay of randomness and sructure....in which the bird is the star of the show"
"..Abel and Winant surrounded by finger cymbals, partially filled glasses of water was what looked like a Joseph Beuys sculpture.."

Sound Choice #16, winter 1991 -Jack Jordan:
"...succeeds in her objective to "reflect nature's manner of operations"

San Francisco Chronicle review (1991)
"Banovetz (oboe) and Winant percussion) skillfully imitating, reflecting, interacting with sound of a frog until both instruments assume frogness"-Robert Commanday

San Francisco Chronicle review (1984)
".. a tremelous, nervous bow - breaking glass - the noise of junk falling on the floor...evocative writing.." -Scott Beach

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