Wendy Reid CV (pdf format)


                                                                WENDY REID







   Stanford University, CCRMA, Post-graduate study


   Workshop in computer-generated music with lectures by


   John Chowning, Max Mathews, John Pierce and Jean-Claude Risset


   Mills College, M.A. in Music Composition


   Composition with Terry Riley, Robert Ashley and Charles Shere


   Violin and chamber music with the Kronos Quartet


   Ecoles D'Art Americaines, Palais de Fontainbleau and Paris, France:


   Composition with Nadia Boulanger;


   Classes in analysis, harmony, counterpoint, composition;


   Solfege with assistant Annette Dieudonne


   University of Southern California, School of Performing Arts, B.M. in


   Music Composition, minor in Violin Performance


   Composition with James Hopkins, Halsey Stevens and film composer


   David Raksin




Meet The Composer/California

Meet The Composer/New York

Subito Composer Grant

ASMC Grant

Paul Merritt Henry Award

Hellman Award

The Oakland Museum

The Nature Company

Sound/Image Unlimited

Graduate Assistantship

California State Scholarship

Honors at Entrance USC

National Merit Award Finalist

National Educational Development Award Finalist

Commission, Brassiosaurus (Tomita/Djil/ Heglin):Tree Piece #52

Commission, Joyce Umamoto: Tree Piece #42

Commission, Abel-Steinberg-Winant Trio: Tree Piece #41

Commission, Tom Dambly: Tree Piece #31

Commission, Mary Oliver: Tree Piece #21

Commission, Don Buchla: Tree Piece #17

Commission, William Winant: Tree Piece #10



LP/Cassette:             TREE PIECES (FROG RECORDS,1988/ FROG PEAK)

CD:                         TREE PIECES (FROG RECORDS, 2002 / FROGPEAK)

                              TREE PIECES volume 2 (NIENTE, 2004 / FROGPEAK)

                              TREE PIECE SINGLE #1: LULU VARIATIONS (NIENTE, 2009)

                              TREE PIECE SINGLE #2: LU-SHOO FRAGMENTS (NIENTE, 2010)

                              TREE PIECE SINGLE #3: LULU VARIATIONS 2 (NIENTE, 2014)




      Tree Pieces/Frog On Rock/Game of Tree/Klee Pieces/Glass Walls/Early Works

               (Frogpeak Music/Sound-Image/W. Reid)

        Wendy Reid, Tree Piece #8 (visual score),

              in Notations #21, by T. Sauer, published by M. Batty

        Studies in Timbre, Frog On Rock and other works (WIP, W. Reid)




      "Noisy People Podcast #8: Wendy Reid", interview by Tim Perkis, June 23, 2015, 
audio mp3:08_wendy_reid.mp3

        SFChronicle Interview -2-18-2014

        "Meet Lulu: Parrot Musician and Muse" interview  by Jesse Hamlin, San Francisco Chronicle, 18 February 2014       

       East Bay Express article

       "Minding the Frontier of New Music",  by Whitney Phaneuf, East Bay Express, 26 February 2014


     San Francisco Bay Guardian article  

        "Synthesizers, saxophones, and one African grey parrot: The Other Minds music festival is a magnet          
               for the avant-garde", Interview by Micah Dubreuil, San Francisco Bay Guardian, 26 February 2014]

        "Lounging with Lulu" (Voodoo Riffs), Interview with Micah Dubreil, 9 June 2014      

     Other Minds 19 festival pre-concert talk with Charles Amirkhanian and composers, San Francisco Jazz Center, 3-1-2014                                                          
link to page

         Djerassi Institute with Other Minds 19 Festival, interview/talk with Wendy Reid,      
                 Charles  Amirkhanian, moderator, 2-24-2014

         San Francisco Bay Guardian podcast, Micah Dubreil, 27 May 2014      

         Women in Creative Music: Wendy Reid Interview by R. Unterseher, Fall 1997, 

         La Communauté   électroacoustique canadienne e-Contact! 12.2-interviews: "25 Years of Crack-O'Dawn",

      KPFA: Crack O'Dawn interview, Wendy Reid, June 5, 2015   Hosted by Barbara Golden
audio MP3 file: cracko-wendy-150605.mp3

      KPFA-Airplay/Interviews (1978→2010):  Hosted by Marina LaPalma, Charles Amirkhanian, Jane Heaven,                                                                                   
Sara Cahill, Barbara Golden, and Dean Suzuki     

      KALX-Airplay/Interview (1991)            
Hosted by Fred  Lomberg-Holm

      KALW Airplay (2014)              
Music of Other Minds, produced by Richard Friedman



 "Follow Your Beak: Bird, Bird, and More This Weekend", (Other Minds, 2-26-14).
             https://mail.google.com/mail/u/0/#search/other+minds+19/144711213d13c881, http://www.treepieces.net/files/followyourbeak.pdf,  http://www.otherminds.org/shtml/om19-info.shtml


       "The outre music festival called Other Minds", by Andrea Abney,
                 SFGate, 26 February 2014,
        "Other Minds 19 Embraces Improvisers, Nor Cal Composers",
                 SFGate, 26 February 2014,

        "Minding the Frontier of New Music", by Whitney Phaneuf,
                 East Bay Express, 26 February 2014

         "Composers of Northern California, Other Minds 19", by perkustooth, New Music Buff, (4- 3-14),         http://newmusicbuff.wordpress.com/tag/otherminds/

          "Coming Up, Other Minds 19 at the SF Jazz Center", (2-16-14) http://newmusicbuff.wordpress.com/2014/02/16/coming-up-other-minds-19-at-the-sf-jazz-center/

         "Players End Series on High Note", San Francisco Chronicle (5-9-91}  http://www.treepieces.net/files/sfreview9101.jpg,

   "Music Goes Round but Comes out Obscure", San Francisco Chronicle (5-30-84)   http://www.treepieces.net/files/sfchroniclereview84bw.jpg

     San Francisco Examiner (5-9-91 / 5-30-84 "Unusual Music", Oakland Tribune, Charles Shere,  (12-4-82),                http://www.treepieces.net/files/oaklandtribunereview82bw.jpg

    "To Soothe the Savage Beast", East Bay Express (10-26-90), http://www.treepieces.net/files/eastbayexpress1990.jpg

     Sound Choice (Winter, 1990), http://www.treepieces.net/files/treepiecereview-1.jpg, (Winter, 1991),http://www.treepieces.net/files/treepiecereview-2.jpg

     "Contemporary Trio Plays Fresh Program", Japan Times (12-2-90), http://www.treepieces.net/files/japantimes199001.jpg

      Japan/Europe Reviews




  Mills College; Lecturer, Music Composition Instructor / Visiting Composer (1990)


  Holy Names University PMD, Violin/Ensemble/Composition Instructor


  Oakland Museum/NSS/SFAI, Producer of New Music Series:


       New Music With Birds, Frogs And Other Creatures


  Oakland Arts Council, Judge/Panelist for Composer Fellowships


  Nature Sounds Society, Board of Directors (member)


  Los Angeles Arts Programs, Producer of new music concerts




CATALOGUE OF WORKS  and selected performances 1979-2014:



Tree Piece #55 "lulu variations 3" (2016)
African Gray Parrot, violin, and muted trombone with digital mix

Chapel of the Chimes Festival, Oakland, California
(Lulu, B. Hutchinson, A Josephson, R. Heglin, W. Reid, 6-21-16)
music for birdwatching
Turquoise Grotto, San Francisco
(Lulu, W. Reid, R. Heglin, 3-18-16)

 FROGPOND 433/ Tree Piece # 56 African Grey Parrot and Violin  (2015)

 Wendy Reid and friends present 17 sonic haiku each with a  duration of 4' 33" or less. 
The concert concludes with John Cage's silent work 4' 33".
Proceeds benefit the Save The Frogs organization.

 Berkeley Arts Festival (5-30-2015)


Tree Piece #55 “lulu variations” (2008 - 2014)
African Gray Parrot, Buchla Lightning, violin and muted trumpet with real time/ digital mix

Other Minds Festival 2014
San Francisco Jazz Center,
Lulu Variations 2 (Lulu, T.Dambly, W.Reid, 3-1-14)
Djerassi Institute (W.Reid, 2-24-14)
On The Nature of Nature,
Oakland Museum Garden,
with photographs by Ariel Tingley
(Lulu, Shoo-Shoo, W. Reid, T. Dambly, premiere 10-12-08)
Thingamajigs Festival,
Vessel Gallery, Oakland(Lulu, Shoo-Shoo, W. Reid, T. Dambly, 9-25-10)
Pixilerations Festival
Brown University (10-2-10)
The Ivy Room, Berkeley (Lulu, W. Reid, R. Heglin, 2-12-12)
The Ivy Room, Berkeley (Lulu, W. Reid, T.Dambly, 6-3-13)
Trinpin at Stanford: DIY Tailgate Musical Instruments Demonstration/Performance
White Plaza, Stanford University (Lulu, W. Reid, T. Dambly, R. Heglin, 4-10-11

Tree Piece #58 “lu-shoo fragments” (2010-11)
African Grey Parrot, Pacific Parrotlet, Buchla Lightning,violin, muted trumpet, and bird whistles, 
real time/digital surround mix
Trimpin at Stanford: DIY Tailgate Musical Instruments Demonstration/Performance White Plaza, Stanford University (Lulu, W. Reid, T. Dambly, R. Heglin,4-10-11 The Ivy Room, Berkeley (Lulu, W.Reid, R. Heglin, 2-12-12) The Ivy Room Berkeley (Lulu, W. Reid, T. Dambly, 6-3-13) Other Minds Festival 2014: San Francisco Jazz Center, fragments/variations mix: Lulu Variations 2 (Lulu,T. Dambly, W.Reid, 3-1-14)

Tree Pie
ce #52 “19 variations on 19 variations” (2005)
for trumpet, trombone and tuba commissioned by Brassiosaurus (Tomita-Djil-Heglin)

New Works for Brassiosaurus,
Trinity Chapel, Berkeley (T. Tomita, R. Heglin, T. Djil, premiere, 3-4-03)
Atelier Niente, Berkeley ( Brassiosaurus, 8-10-05)


Tree Piece #51 “lightningdog variations” (2004)

for violin, Buchla lightning and dogs

Live Oak Park, Berkeley (W.Reid, Twinkie, Hazelle)
Atelier Niente, Berkeley (W. Reid, Twinkie, Hazelle, 1-14-04) 



Tree Piece #50 “19 variations” (2001)
for violin and percussion
ODC Theatre and Living Music Inc. Present:
Spring New Music Series, Small Ensembles / Large Ensembles
San Francisco (W. Reid, W. Winant, premiere 3-24-01)

Tree Piece #46 “old pond frog leaps in sound of water” -Basho (1998)
for violin and percussion
In Your Ear New Music Festival, Berkeley Art Center
(A. Tingley, W. Reid, W. Winant, premiere 7-12-98)

Tree Piece #44 “frog persona” (1994)
for 2 or more instuments

American Music Week, “New Music Worlds”, New Music Works,
Santa Cruz ( D.Buchla, G. Lewis, W. Reid, premiere 11-7-94)
Forest, Mills College,Tree Pieces installation / performance Prieto Gallery,
(D. Buchla, E. Buchla, G. Lewis, W. Reid 11-11-94)

Tree Piece #43 “studies in timbre” (1996) for violin, koto and percussion (1996)
Sound Culture ’96, James Moore Theatre, Oakland Museum (M. Masaoka, G. Robair, W. Reid, premiere 4-7-96)

Tree Piece #42 “happy birthday joyce” (1992) visual and sound installation commissioned by Joyce Umamoto
Noh Sculpture, Asian American Theatre Company, San Francisco,(A. Tingley / W. Reid, premiere 8-29-92) Prieto Gallery “Tree Pieces: Visual Scores”, Mills (11-11-94)

Tree Piece #41 “bird Y” (1992)
for violin, piano and percussion
commissioned by the Abel-Steinberg-Winant Trio
Abel-Steinberg- Winant Trio Concert
Concert Hall, Mills College (premiere 4-11-92)
Prieto Gallery, Mills College, Tree Pieces installation (reception, 11-11-94)


Tree Piece #37 (1993)
for 2 instruments

Live Oak Park (12-18-93)
Prieto Gallery, Mills College, Tree Pieces installation (reception, 11-11-94)
Communication Technology Cluster, Oakland, CA, Tree Pieces installation (reception, 9-24-99)

Tree Piece #34 “frog ostinato” (1985)
for oboe and percussion written for William Banovetz and William Winant

New Langton Arts (premiere,Banovetz, Winant, (11-16-85)
New Music with Birds, Frogs & Other Creatures,
Oakland Museum (W. Banovetz, W. Winant, 4-9-88)
San Francisco Contemporary Players, Museum of Modern Art,
Green Room, (W. Banovetz, W. Winant, 5-7-91)
Mills College, Graduate Recital ( Evelyn,2002)
The Ivy Room, Berkeley (DJ Performance, 6-3-12)

Tree Piece #31 “one eye sees, the other feels” -Klee (1992)
for trumpet and percussion
commissioned by Tom Dambly

A Concert of New Works for Trumpet, Mills College
( T. Dambly, J. Davel, premiere 4-11-92)
New Sound Works, Art Gallery Mills College (5-11-92)
In Your Ear, New Music Festival, Berkeley Art Center (7-12-98)
Dance Naganuma, Session House, Tokyo, Japan (1-16-2000)



Tree Piece #24 “bird music 2” (1992)
for violin and percussion

PMD-HNU Faculty Recital, Chapel, Holy Names University
(W. Reid, R. Revelli, K. Bobrowski, premiere 9-27-92)


Tree Piece #21 “bird music” (1985)
for violin and percussion
commissioned by Mary Oliver

Avant-Garde Violin Concert,
New Performance Gallery (Mary Oliver, W.Winant, premiere 9-18-85)
Langton Arts: Wendy Reid/Jin-Hi Kim, San Francisco (11-16-85)
Exploratorium: YLEM -Artists Using Science & Technology (1-23-90)
Abel-Steinberg- Winant Trio Concert, Mills College Student Union (4-16-90)
Mills College Alumni Concert, (Abel-Winant) (10-12-90)
Japan Tour of Abel-Steinberg-Winant Trio (11-90)
Dream of Wild Animals, Ruth Botchen Dance Co., Oakland (12-90)
Prieto Gallery, Mills College, Tree Pieces installation (reception, 11-11-94)
Contemporary Music Competition, (Vancoillie Van Der Vekens (V!P),
Antwerp, Belgium (2-26-04)
V!P Concert (Vancoillie/ Van Der Vekens), Antwerp Belgium (3-04)


Tree Piece #17 “nothing is more real than nothing” -Beckett (1991) for 2 or more instruments commissioned by Don Buchla
Lincoln Center Merkin Recital Hall, NYC, Interpretations Series(D. Buchla, M. Goldstein, premiere 1-9-92)
Electro-Acoustic Music Concert, Mills (D. Buchla, W. Winant,10-8-92) Bird-Frog Concert, Oakland Museum (4-5-92)
International Computer Music Conference, San Jose
(D. Buchla, M. Goldstein, 10-15-92)
Cornell University Music Department ( 11-2-92)
Drew University Music Department, (11-3-92)
Center for Music Technology, Rudford University (11-7-92)
Mills Contemporary Ensemble Concert (4-11-93)
Prieto Gallery, Mills College, Tree Pieces installation ( reception,11-11-94)
Communications Technology Cluster, Oakland, CA, Tree Pieces installation (reception, 9-24-99) 15th Annual Avant-Garden Music Festival, Santa Cruz (6-11-95)
ODC Theatre and Living Music Inc. Present:
Spring New Music Series: Small Ensembles / Large Ensembles
(P. Gelb, D. Joseph, W. Reid, A. Tingley, R. Baker, 3-24-01)
Music Teachers Convention of California, San Francisco
(G. Tingley, W. Reid, R. Baker, 7-3-01)
Vimeo: Downbeat Means Attack (10-26-10)
The Ivy Room, Berkeley (DJ Performance, 6-3-12)

Tree Piece #14 (1982)
for mixed ensemble
M.U.S.I.C. Festival, On Broadway, San Francisco(W. Reid, W. Winant, premiere 12-4-82)

Tree Piece #10 (1982)
for 2 or more instruments commissioned by William Winant
New Commissioned Works for Percussion, Concert Hall
(W. Winant, W. Reid, premiere 3-31-82) New Performance Gallery, SF (5-29-84)
Mills Contemporary Ensemble, Concert Hall (12-4-90)
Seventh Species Concert, Mills Ensemble Room
(C. Asplund, G. Galindo, G. Noland, G. Tingley, W. Reid, 10-30-91)

Night of the Living Composers: New Music Works Concert, 
Veterans' Memorial Auditorium, Santa Cruz (12-8-01)
The Ivy Room, Berkeley (DJ Performance, 6-3-12)


Tree Piece #8 (1984)
for solo percussion
written for William Winant
New Performance Gallery, SF (W. Winant, premiere 5-29-84)
New Langton Arts, SF (11-16-85)
San Francisco Art Institute, Bird-Frog Concert (3-12-89)
Ton Art ’89, Kunstmuseum Bern, Switzerland (11-25-89)
Dream of Wild Animals, Ruth Botchen Dance Co., Oakland (12-90)
The Frog Peak, Roulette, NYC (Essential Music 5-7-95)
Frog Peak Concert, Town Hall, NYC (1995)
SoundCulture Festival, Oakland Museum,(G. Robair, 4-7-96)
In Your Ear Festival of New Music, Berkeley Art Center (7-12-98)

Tree Piece #4
“two poems by Shotsi Reid ”(1981) for voice, violin and musicbox
Recorded at the Center for Contemporary Music, Mills (1881)

P.A.S.S., New York City (Reid, premiere12-28-81)

Tree Piece #2 (1980)
for paired instruments

Mills Contemporary Ensemble Concert
(W. Reid, D. Rosenboom, W. Winant, premiere 12-4-80)
7th Species Series, Ensemble Room, Mills College (12-4-93)

Tree Piece #1 “Gungles” (1980) for mixed ensemble with yellow bird/ birdcage musicbox

Recording, Mills (W. Winant, S. Ashley, B. Golden, W.Reid, 4-80) New Performance Works, Mills Student Union,as a live composition with musicbox (4-25-80) San Francisco Art Institute, score for film “On The Track” by L. Yam (1980) San Francisco Film Festival shorts - film by L. Yam (1982)


Game of Tree (1980 - 2004)
or  one or more players 

New Performance Gallery, San Francisco(T. Tomita, B. Golden, W. Winant, C. Maher, W. Reid, 5-29-84) Graduate Composition Seminar / Mills Contemporary Ensemble,Concert Hall, Mills College (C. Asplund, E. Osborn, G. Galindo, W. Reid, 12-4-90)
Niente Gallery, Berkeley (A. Tingley, W. Reid, 1-1-2004)




 EARLY WORKS and selected performances 1968 - 1979:


 Glass Walls (1979)
for String Quartet and Tape

Kronos Quartet (premiere), ASMC Special Event, Mills Concert Hall (2-13-80)
San Francisco String Quartet, New Performance Gallery, SF(5-29-84)
San Francisco String Quartet Readings, S.F. Conservatory (10-8-81)
Mills Quartet (1st movement), New Works , Chapel (12-11-78)

Klee Pieces (1975 - 79) 
for mixed ensembles
ASMC Special Event, Mills Concert Hall
(Ensemble Klee, premiere 2-13-80)
PMD Faculty Recital, Studio Theatre, Holy Names University
(Faculty Ensemble for “Twittering Machine”, 6-4-97)
USC Contemporary Ensemble (Klee 3), Hancock Auditorium (1975)

"Tapping on Miracles", musical score for a film by L. Rindner (1978)
for mixed ensembles

UCLA, Los Angeles (10-79)
Mills Concert Hall (2-13-80)

Reflections on Klee (1976)

for mixed ensemble

Composition Departmental Recital, USC (5-10-76)
Experiments (1974)
for chamber orchestra

New Works: Wendy Reid, B.M. Recital, USC (4-21-75)

Sonata (1974)
for alto flute and piano

New Works: Wendy Reid, B.M. Recital, USC (4-21-75)

5 Sketches (1973)
for mixed ensemble
New Works: Wendy Reid ,B.M. Recital, USC (4-21-75)
Elegy (poem by Anne Lindbergh) (1973)
for soprano and piano

Barnsdall Arts Festival, (C. Tyrrell, Los Angeles (10-12-74)
New Works (B.M. Recital), USC (4-21-75)

Variations on a Poem by Shotsi Reid (1973)
for soprano and piano

Barnsdall Arts Festival, Los Angeles (C. Tyrrell,10-12-74)
New Works,B.M. Recital, USC (4-21-75)

3 haiku (1972)
for soprano, claves and piano
New Works, B.M. Recital, USC (C. Tyrrell, 4-21-75)
Starlight Bowl, Burbank (C. Tyrrell 6-6-75)
Students of Boulanger, Palais de Fontainbleau, France (8-75)
3 Pieces (texts: E. Dickinson, L. Cohen, W. Stevens) (1972)
for tenor, flute and cello

Composition Departmental Recital, USC (D. Crockett,  premiere10-23-73)
New Works (B.M. Recital), USC (4-21-75)

 “when god...”(-e.e. cummings) (1972)
for voice and flute

Barnsdall Arts Festival, Los Angeles (C. Tyrrell, premiere 10-12-74)

Variations for Violin and Piano (1971)
New Works, B.M. Recital, USC (4-21-75)

Pirandello’s Henry IV (1970)
for violin and piano

Theory/Composition Recital, USC (premiere 4-71)


 Piece for Violin (1968)
 written for Shotsi Reid