Garden of Memory 6-21-19 


Ambient Bird 433 concert 4-14-19


Ambient Bird 433 concert 4-14-19 (audio)


 video of Ambient Bird 433 performance 4-14-19

Garden of Memory, Solstice Concert 6-21-19

Garden of Memory, Solstice Concert

June 21,2019  5-9pm

Chapel fo the Chimes, Oakland

Lulu, African Grey Parrot

Wendy Reid , violin

Brenda Hutchinson, long tube instrument

Aurora Josephson, voice

Ron Heglin, tuba, voice


Ambient Bird 433

April 14, 2019 7-8pm

Frank Ogawa Plaza Forum   (photos: A. Aldrich)

Lulu at Ogawa 4-14-19 





 AMBIENT BIRD 433 for African Grey Parrot and 3 open ensembles:


Bird Ensemble (#1):  Lulu, African Grey Parrot; Wendy Reid, violin; Brenda Hutchinson, long tube instrument; Aurora Josephson, voice; Ron Heglin, tuba

Mills Contemporary Performance Ensemble (#2): Rodrigo Barriga, electric bass; Petur Eggertsson, violin; Tony Gennaro, percussion; Eric Glick Rieman, melodica; Lee Hodel, double bass; Jake Parker Scott, saxophone; Mitch Stahlmann, flute; Jess Tambellini, trumpet; Maia Ziaee, voice; Steed Cowart, director 

FROG POND 433 Ensemble (#3): Kattt Atchley, voice, laptop; Kenneth Atchley, laptop; Nancy Beckman, shakuhachi; Tom Bickley, recorder, electronics; John Bischoff, laptop; Krys Bobrowski, glissglass; Tom Djll, trumpet;  Barbara Golden, suir, suling; Silvia Matheus, bird whistles; Maggi Payne, flute, bird whistle; Tim Perkis, laptop; Brian Reinbolt, tweet-boxes

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 Rescheduled from 11/10/18 to 4/14/19:



*Friday, October 19, 8pm, Mondavi Arts Center, UC Davis Faculty Recital:  Tree Piece #34 'frog ostinato' for oboe and percussion,  with  Kyle Bruckmann, oboe,  Christopher Froh, percussion; other works by Elliot Carter, Lou Harrison, Du Yun, Liza Lim


*Friday, November 2, Tree Pieces Window Gallery Opening 6-9pm, 150 Frank Ogawa Plaza

TREE PIECES - VISUAL SCORES in the Window Gallery - Pro Arts, Oakland Nov.2 - 30




Tree Piece #66  AMBIENT BIRD 433 for African grey parrot and 3 open ensembles:

 pdf of visual score







  JUNE 21 chapel of the chimes:  LULU with

Wendy Reid, Aurora Josephson, Brenda Hutchinson, Ron Heglin 




Steed Cowart & Mills Contemporary Performance Ensemble                          



tree piece #8 for solo persussion:



 tree piece #2 for violin, percussion, and tape:


tree piece #10 for violin, percussion, and tape:

tree piece #17 for two or more instruments:

tree piece #21 for violin, percussion, and tape:

tree piece #31 for trumpet and percussion:

tree piece #34 for oboe, percussion, and tape: